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Apple Issues yet Another Silent Update to Fix Webcam Vulnerability on macOS

Last week security researchers unearthed a vulnerability in Zoom video conferencing app. The vulnerability allowed others to open your webcam without an invite. Initially, Zoom downplayed the issue and later issued a patch alongside an explanation. However, the Zoom webcam vulnerability only seems to have opened a pandora’s box. Apple informed that it has silently […]

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Security Vulnerability in Video Conferencing App Zoom Allows Websites to Hack Into your Mac’s Camera

A major zero-day vulnerability has been discovered in Zoom, a video conferencing app that is primarily used by businesses. The vulnerability allows any website to access the camera on your Mac without one’s explicit permission while they are on a video call. The issue stems from the fact that Zoom installs and runs a web […]

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New Mac Malware Is Abusing Unpatched Gatekeeper Vulnerability

Several security researchers have warned us about the peril of unpatched macOS Gatekeeper vulnerability. An investigation by Joshua Long, Chief Security Analyst for Mac has now revealed that malware developers are actively abusing the vulnerability. The security researcher has learned that the new malware has been named to OSX/Linker and is associated with the same […]

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