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Ex-Michael Schumacher Well Equipped 2010 Mercedes C63 AMG Estate Could Be Yours

The question of what a Formula 1 star drives when they aren’t on the track is always one of great interest. For Michael Schumacher, between January and July 2010, the answer was this 2010 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Estate, which is now for sale. Loaned to Schumacher upon joining the newly formed Mercedes GP Petronas Formula […]

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Is Too Much Onboard Car Tech Making Cars Unsafe? Safety Experts Think So

We’ve all done it. Been momentarily distracted looking at our phone, or our car’s radio or navigation system when we should have been looking at the road ahead, only to glance up just in time to avoid a pothole, another car, a dog or worse. Maybe some of you haven’t regained concentration in time, and […]

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