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Tesla Model S And Model X Getting Massive Price Bump In Europe

Tesla has increased pricing for the Model S and Model X across Europe, though the rates vary based on market. Still, the price bumps are quite significant, especially in markets such as Germany where the entry-level Model S now costs €81,990 ($97,700). Before the price update, it retailed for €76,990, so that’s a difference of […]

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Jeep Wants To Be The Greenest SUV Brand In The World

Jeep wants to establish itself as the “greenest SUV brand” in the world in a move that will see the company leveraging synergies with the PSA Group. While recently speaking with members of the media, Jeep boss Christian Meunier indicated the car manufacturer will “pitch itself as a mean, green machine.” However, whereas many automakers […]

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Lamborghini Aventador Successor To Keep Naturally Aspirated V12, Add A “Hybrid Motor”

The Lamborghini Aventador was introduced nearly a decade ago and its successor could be introduced as early as next year. While there have been countless rumors about the upcoming model, Car & Driver talked to Lamborghini’s chief technical officer who revealed some details about the next-generation supercar. Saying the “V12 has been part of the […]

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