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Toyota Is Bringing A Solid State Battery-Powered Electric Vehicle At The 2020 Olympics

Toyota plans to reveal a new electric vehicle that features a solid state battery at the 2020 Olympics in a bid to showcase the manufacturer’s battery know-how. The Japanese car maker will put the new solid state battery-powered vehicle into production later next year, but rather a regular series-production model, it’ll power the e-Palette electric […]

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Dodge Shoots Down Alleged Easter Egg Indicating Next Challenger Will Arrive In 2023

Dodge has denied that a recent ‘Easter Egg’ found in press photos for the 2020 Challenger means that the next-generation model will launch in 2023. A few days ago, some speculated that the 2,023-mile (3,256 km) readout pictured on the odometer of the 2020 Challenger indicated that would be when the next model launched. Intrigued […]

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