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Toyota Fights Throttle Misapplication With New Acceleration Suppression System

Toyota continues to make its cars safer, and the latest technology gear will help reduce accidents occurred while mistaking the gas for the brake pedal. Launched today in Japan as ‘Plus Support’ for new cars, it’s also available as a retrofit device for use with existing vehicles, with the latter being dubbed the ‘Pedal Misapplication […]

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You’d Be Hard-Pressed To Tell This Ferrari Is Actually A Toyota MR2, Until You Hit The Gas

Ferrari replicas are a dime a dozen, but many of them are rather shoddy and unconvincing. That’s certainly not the case with this Toyota MR2 which has been transformed into an authentic-looking Ferrari 360 Spider. Based on the third and final generation MR2, the car has been given an extensive makeover which includes a number […]

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2021 NACTOY Eligible Vehicles Announced, Care To Place A Little Bet?

The battle for the 2021 North American Car, Utility and Truck of the Year (NACTOY) has kicked off as organizers released the official list of vehicles eligible for the award. A total of 36 models have been announced so far, yet with the automotive industry (and not only) seriously affected by the pandemic, several automakers […]

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