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A German Tuner Named Its Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S Project The ‘Cummander’ (No, Seriously)

Someone at Wheelsandmore has apparently spent too much time online during corona-isolation, as they somehow came to the conclusion that ‘Cummander’ is an great name for their latest project. Then again, we are talking about a tuning company that named itself Wheelsandmore, so what did you expect? Here’s how the German tuner explained its name […]

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577 HP Not Enough? Mercedes-AMG GT R Roadster Gets Powered Up

Aftermarket specialist Wheelsandmore has just unveiled its new upgrade package for the Mercedes-AMG GT R Roadster, working its tuning magic on both the looks of the car and its performance. Most notably, the tuner has developed three different upgrade packages. The Level 1 package involves a tweak to the ECU and the fitment of a […]

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Lamborghini Urus Gets The Wheelsandmore Treatment, Boasts Nearly 800 HP

Most major car tuners have aftermarket parts for the Lamborghini Urus on their shelves, and now it’s Wheelsandmore’s turn to take a shot at modifying the beastly Italian super SUV. In spite of the company’s name, we’ll leave the ‘wheels’ for last and focus on the ‘more’ part, which is represented by a significant bump […]

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