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Netflix Stops Downgrading Video Streaming Quality in European Countries

Internet video streaming giant started downgrading video quality in Europe after a request from the European Union (EU). This was done to reduce the load on ISPs and to ensure robust internet speeds for all users in the region. Now, Netflix seems to have reverted back to HD video quality in Europe. Since the COVID-19 […]

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YouTube will remove videos falsely linking the coronavirus to 5G usage

Videos spreading false information linking the coronavirus to 5G technology have surfaced on YouTube as the current pandemic rages on. In an attempt to stop the spread of this misinformation, the Google-owned company will begin actively removing this content. According to The Guardian, YouTube may still allow users to post videos about other 5G conspiracy […]

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You’re Not Alone: Gmail and YouTube Go Down for Many

Various users across the globe have started reporting that they’re unable to access multiple Google services such as Gmail, Google Drive, and YouTube. This might be the effect of millions of people increasing their internet bandwidth consumption amid the COVID-19  lockdown. As millions of people have started working from home (and getting entertained alongside) over […]

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