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By this point, you’re probably familiar with the concept of noise-canceling headphones. That is, headphones and earbuds that use internal microphones to detect and filter out extraneous sound so you can focus on what’s important. It’s certainly a handy feature, but there’s a huge range of noise-canceling headphones out there with prices that stretch well into the hundreds. If you’re not looking to drop half a grand on an ultrapremium pair, Sony’s WH-XB910N, named one of our top pairs of Sony headphones for the year, are an impressive midrange option, and right now you can pick them up at entry-level prices. 

Today only, Amazon has slashed the price on the WH-XB910N by nearly half, bringing them down to just $128 instead of the usual $250. This is the absolute best price we’ve seen on these wireless headphones, and the deal is only valid until tonight at 10:59 p.m. PT (1:59 a.m. ET).

Even at their regular price of $250, the WH-XB910N include a pretty impressive array of specs and features, so at $128, they’re easily going to be the best value you can find today. They boast dual noise canceling, with feedback and feedforward mics on both sides, to seriously cut down external noise. And by cupping the right ear with your hand, you can instantly pause and resume noise canceling without missing a beat. On a full charge, they boast up to 30 hours of battery life, and dual pairing allows you to connect to two Bluetooth devices simultaneously.

This sale does run through the end of the day, but honestly, with a deal this good we wouldn’t be surprised if they sold out well before then, so we’d recommend getting your order in soon.

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