Tesla exceeded revenue estimates in Q4 2021 by more than $1 billion – Roadshow


That’s the look of a CEO after another quarter of profitability and exceeded goals.

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Gather ’round, ye Tesla faithful, because it’s Tesla earnings statement time once again. This time we’re looking at the fourth quarter of 2021 and, unsurprisingly, things are as dull this quarter as they were in Q3 of 2021.

According to Tesla’s shareholder deck for Q4, which was released on Wednesday, not only was the company profitable, but it exceeded analyst estimates for revenue by over a billion dollars. Not bad when you’re over a billion bucks ahead of the game, right?

In the production department, things were similarly rosy. The company reported that it increased overall production of all its vehicles combined by 70% versus Q4 of 2020. Of course, that’s not super surprising given what 2020 was like. Interestingly, Model S and Model X production was down 19% year over year, while the Model 3 and Model Y were up by 79%, which shows the brand’s continued commitment to its more affordable models.

On the product side of things, it’s pretty much crickets. Tesla is continuing construction and production ramp of its Gigafactories in Germany and in Austin, Texas. The Cybertruck is still delayed until at least next year. The Roadster is still MIA, and the company isn’t making a peep about the Semi at this time.

Tesla also continued to expand its Supercharger network to a total of 3,476 stations with 31,498 plugs. That’s a bump of 36% in stations over 2020, which is pretty respectable, especially considering supply chain issues and their effect on everything construction-related.

Obviously, these financial reports used to be a lot juicier when the company was more volatile and generally less stable, but boring financial reports are generally a good thing in business – especially if you’re a Tesla shareholder.

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Correction, 2:27 p.m.: Clarified that the revenue comparison is with analyst estimates.

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