Gaming Chromebooks with full RGB keyboard could be on the way – CNET

Gaming Chromebooks with full RGB keyboard could be on the way – CNET


Chromebooks meant for gaming with full RGB keyboards could be coming.

Josh Miller/CNET

The upcoming series of Chrome OS devices could be meant for gamers, and at least one of the devices could have a full RGB keyboard, according to a 9to5Google report Thursday.

Game streaming services like Google Stadia and Nvidia GeForce Now can run on most Chromebooks, and running full Steam games on the devices is the next step. A project codenamed Borealis has been under way to bring Steam games to Chromebook devices. Neither Google nor Steam have scheduled any formal announcements to roll out Steam games on Chromebook devices yet.

Some of the code found by 9to5Google within the Chrome OS points to Chromebooks supporting the full color RGB keyboards, with each key able to be customized to create colors across the full spectrum. However, it appears this is only possible through an internal command.

There is no word yet on when any gaming Chromebooks with RGB keyboards will arrive.

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