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While Valentine’s Day is a romantic holiday for many people, there is nothing wrong with celebrating the holiday with your children by giving them a gift to show them how much you care about them. A bonus for children is that it also gives them the chance to learn how to give and receive gifts from people they care about.

Valentine’s Day is a playful holiday for children that can be celebrated by baking treats and creating cards. Other ways to celebrate can be as simple as snuggling up with family and watching a good show. It can be as elaborate as you desire, too. Given that most people will be celebrating Valentine’s Day at home, you might as well make it a family affair.

While you’re searching for a Valentine’s Day gift for the kid in your life, don’t forget to check out gifts for other people you care about, too.


It’s awesome to see children produce artwork from their imaginations, but seeing it translated to 3D form is even better. If you have a creative child who also enjoys stuffed animals, consider gifting them a Budsies stuffed animal that brings their drawings to life.

Melissa & Doug

Who doesn’t enjoy snuggling up with a warm blanket? If you give your child this kit, they’ll be able to create a fleece cover-up without the use of a sewing machine. This quilt-like home craft kit includes design instructions, and once it’s completed the 5-by-5 blanket will be ready to use.

Chronicle Books

This book would be perfect for a young avid reader, and you will like it as well, because it is interactive and teaches how animals and people express love. I think a book like this can teach young children about the importance of love and give an opportunity for the child to interact with whoever is reading it with them.


Consider purchasing this easy-to-use tool for your child who enjoys decorating cakes and pastries. The Real Cooking chocolate pen is a simple, do-it-yourself method for a kid to decorate cookies. It’s a fun toy for kids to use, and they can also use molds to make their own chocolate goodies.


Gift this to the younger members of your family. You can build structures out of these magnetic tiles during story time. The body of Hungry Caterpillar is composed of 16 tiles: nine tiny squares, four quarter rounds, two right angle triangles and one huge square. In addition to the caterpillar, these shapes can also spell out “I love you too.”


This would be a great gift for a kid who enjoys making cards for everyone. With eight wooden stamps and a stamp pad, they’ll have lots of options to create art & crafts at their own pace.


If you have a school-agge child who enjoys arts and crafts, get them this kit, which is jam-packed with colorful supplies. This one comes in a lovely box with 250 pieces to create cards for family, friends or anybody else they wish to express affection for.


Although the Lego BrickHeadz Valentine’s Bear is recommended for children above the age of 10, it is possible to build it with a younger child. This teddy contains 150 parts, is 3 inches tall and can serve as a sweet reminder of a special bond.


Here’s another handmade present: this string art is best suited for children 8 years and up. What makes this string art light so appealing? Well, not only is it shaped like a heart, but it also glows in the dark. This Valentine-themed art project makes one pink lantern and is perfect to do together.


We’ve all seen how kids like using markers, crayons and other writing tools on walls. But now you can redirect those creative instincts by getting bath crayons and let them go crazy creating shapes and drawings that express their artistic side while bathing. And don’t worry, these crayons are easy to remove. 


It’s simply a heart-shaped version of Connect Four. It’s a wonderful present to play with during game night.


A joke book is one of the greatest Valentine’s Day presents you can offer a child, since some kids express their love by making people laugh. This Valentine’s Day edition jokes for kids book contains 144 pages of jokes that will keep the kid comic in your life laughing.

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