Some Hyundai Santa Fe vehicles being recalled because digital gauges might invert – Roadshow

This is how they’re supposed to look.


This is admittedly a small recall, but it’s definitely a weird one. Hyundai is recalling the Santa Fe Hybrid and Santa Fe Plug-In Hybrid because the digital gauge cluster image might invert, according to a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration bulletin uncovered by Jalopnik this week.

“The instrument cluster liquid-crystal display (LCD) may invert the image on the screen upon vehicle startup, making the display illegible,” NHTSA said in its recall notice. Only 714 SUVs are affected, and they’re all from the 2022 model year.

This is certainly a strange problem, and the fix isn’t as simple as a hard reset. “Owners of these vehicles will bring them to a Hyundai dealer to have the IP cluster replaced,” the company told Jalopnik. Of course, the recall work will be completed free of charge.

To see if your vehicle is affected by this — or any other — recall, check out Roadshow’s how-to guide.

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