How to fix Google Maps when it’s not working

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Is Google Maps not working? Of course, it’s never fun when technology isn’t performing how it’s intended, so here are some troubleshooting options to fix the service and get you back on track.

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Try restarting the app, checking your Wi-Fi connection, updating the app, optimizing Google Map’s location accuracy, and clearing the cache and data in your device’s storage settings.

How to fix Google Maps when it’s not working

If Google Maps isn’t working, it’s likely to be an issue with the mobile app, particularity on Android. If the Google Maps app on your phone or tablet crashes or has other problems that affect your experience on Maps, try the following solutions.

Restart the app

The first thing to try is restarting the app. Completely close the app, then tap its tile to start Google Maps again so that it re-syncs with Google’s servers. This tends to solve the problem for most iPhone users. You can also try restarting your phone completely.

Check Wi-Fi connection

First, check if Google Maps is set to only work on Wi-Fi. You can find the toggle in the Settings menu of the app. While Wi-Fi-only mode is an excellent way to conserve data usage, it won’t enable the app to work when you’re out of range of a single.

Wi-Fi only Maps

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If you don’t have a sufficient cellular signal, try connecting to a Wi-Fi source by tapping the Wi-Fi icon and selecting a network, or turning your Wi-Fi off and on again to see if it will auto-connect.

If you know you are going out of range, you should download Google Maps offline ahead of time so that you can reference the map on your phone without a signal.

Update the app

Make sure that you are using the latest version of the Google Maps app to use its most recent features. If you’re signed in to your Google Account, you can update the Google Maps app directly from the Play Store.

If you’re not signed in to your Google Account:

  • On your phone or tablet, go to the Maps app in the Play store.
  • Tap Open in the Play store app.
  • Do not tap install, or you’ll be redirected to a sign-in screen that doesn’t allow skipping.
  • You’ll be prompted to sign in.
  • At the top right, tap More (three-dot icon) and then Updates.
  • Find Map — Navigate & Explore, then Update.

Clear cache and data

  • On your Android phone or tablet, open the Settings app.
  • Tap Apps & notifications.
  • Locate the Google Maps app from your list of downloaded apps.
  • After you select the app, storage & cache options should be available.
Google Maps Storage Settings

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Clearing the cache will delete temporary data, and clearing the data storage will permanently delete all app data. Try clearing the cache first, and if that doesn’t work, try clearing the storage data.

Improve Accuracy

If you haven’t already, you can improve Google Maps location accuracy by tapping Location accuracy tips in the Settings menu.

Location Accuracy Maps

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You can also try re-calibrating your phone by tapping the blue dot representing your current location. You’ll be prompted to move and tilt your phone in a figure-eight pattern for a few seconds.

recalibrate google maps compass step 3

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Google Maps still not working? Try these alternatives

If you find that none of the above solutions resolve the issue or have to troubleshoot often, it may be worthwhile trying an alternative. One option is Google Maps Go, a lightweight Progressive Web App variation of the original Google Maps app.

Why is Google Maps not working on my computer?

The web version of Maps sometimes fails to load, so here are some quick fixes to solve the problem.

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