Safari Team Solicits Feedback Amid Complaints Calling it ‘the New IE’

Safari Team Solicits Feedback Amid Complaints Calling it ‘the New IE’


Apple’s Safari and WebKit team took to Twitter to ask users for feedback, amid complaints regarding bugs and lack of support. Jen Simmons, developer advocate on the Web Developer Experience team for Safari and WebKit, said that she’s aware of the critique and has even heard users calling it the new Internet Explorer.

Simmons asked Safari users to point the team to specific issues with the browser. Additionally, the developer advocate wanted other developers to highlight examples of missing support that hampers the development of websites and apps.


The self-proclaimed Apple Evangelist said that “vague hate” and talking about bugs from several years ago was counterproductive to the feedback process. She corrected her previous statement saying that she was alluding to bugs that have already been fixed. Simmons also asked users who have encountered old bugs that have not been fixed yet to message her with a link from If the bug was filed at Apple’s Feedback Assistant, they can share a Feedback number instead.

Over the years, Safari users have been complaining about various bugs and compatibility issues. Browser-related complaints reached a crescendo last year at the WWDC when Apple showcased a major redesign for Safari. Recently, it was reported that a WebKit bug could leave you vulnerable to malicious actors by revealing your identity. It could even let websites track your browsing history. Last month, Apple paid a cybersecurity student $105,000 for unmasking an iCloud and Safari vulnerability that allowed bad actors to hack webcams and subsequently attack Apple devices.

Have you faced any issues with Safari recently? Let us know in the comments.

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