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Now that’s a great three-car solution.


Ever since Beyoncé Knowles-Carter released her self-titled album without warning in the middle of the night in December 2013, I’ve had post notifications turned on for her Instagram. The “Beyoncé made a new post” pop-up makes my heart pound every time, because even though the vast majority of her posts are photo carousels of the billionaire pop star showing off her latest outfit or brand collaboration, you never know when the queen is gonna drop a new music video or announce a pregnancy. On Sunday evening Beyoncé posted a photo set of her look from the Super Bowl, but what I immediately focused on were the cars in the background: Bey’s got a Lamborghini LM002!

In two of the photos in the Instagram carousel Beyoncé is posing outside the $88 million house in the Bel-Air neighborhood of Los Angeles she shares with husband Jay-Z. She’s standing on a brick driveway in front of a fabulous black marble car port, with beautiful landscaping and a sculpture visible in the background. But obviously we’re here for the cars. Parked in a line are a white Lamborghini LM002, a white Mercedes SL, and an icy green Chevrolet El Camino. That’s a three-car solution for the ages, but the Lambo is an especially cool and somewhat surprising choice.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z actually featured an LM002 in their music video for “Apesh*t” in 2018, but I assumed it was just on loan from Lamborghini because of the LM002 license plate on the front. But the white-over-red LM002 in Bey’s Instagram shot looks just like the one in the video (it’s even still got the plate), so either the couple used their own Lambo SUV in the video or they liked it enough to buy it afterward. One of just 328 produced from 1986 to 1993, the LM002 is basically a military SUV fitted with the V12 from the Countach supercar. It’s a massive beast of a car, and not one you typically see driven by celebs. But Bey isn’t the only high-profile diva that’s owned one — Tina Turner had an LM002 that she modified to have a Mercedes V8 with an automatic transmission, and the interior got a leather booster cushion for the driver’s seat so the 5-foot-4-inch rock star could more easily drive it.

Despite being two of the biggest stars on the planet the Carters are super private, so it’s rare to even see paparazzi photos of the duo outside of major events they attend and we sadly don’t know much about what cars they own. But Beyoncé’s been caught riding in her Pagoda SL by paparazzi, and she’s posted photos of herself posing on the hood before. It’s a classy spec, finished in white with dark hubcaps. That El Camino is recognizable too, as it seems to be the same one featured in her 2016 music video for “Formation,” for which she won one of her 28 Grammy awards. Again, I don’t know whether Beyoncé already owned the pickup before it was used in the video or if she bought it after the fact, but it’s awesome either way.


The LM002 was featured in the “Apesh*t” music video.


Other cars in their collection include a Fiat 850 Spider, a 1959 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II drophead, a heavily done-up Mercedes Sprinter, a 1960’s Alfa Romeo Spider and a late-model C1 Chevy Corvette. Jay-Z apparently owned a Pagani Zonda F at one point (it even featured in one of his videos), and Beyoncé was said to have bought him a Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport for his 41st birthday. Unconfirmed rumors said Jay-Z spent $8 million on the one-off Maybach Exelero concept, though that doesn’t seem to have actually ever happened, and when the first Rolls-Royce Boat Tail was unveiled last year it was widely reported that the couple had dropped eight figures on it, though that also seems to be untrue.

As Roadshow’s number one stan I will continue to monitor her excellent Instagram feed to bring you the latest in car-related Beyoncé news.

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