This 2-Pack of Nest Wifi Routers Is $80 Off Right Now, Making It Just $219 – CNET

Chris Monroe/CNET

Between work, school and even just catching up with family and friends, more of our lives than ever before take place in the virtual world. Which means that it has never been more essential to have a stable, reliable internet connection. Having the right router can make all the difference, and right now you can grab one of our current favorite routers, the Nest Wifi, for $219, a savings of $80. 

This Google Nest Wifi system comes with two routers. While this two piece setup is missing Wi-Fi 6 support, it still offers some of the fastest speeds out there for a Wi-Fi 5 router, with coverage of up to 3,800 square feet. Nest Wi-Fi points — that is, the nodes that aren’t the router — are also equipped with a speaker and Google Assistant, so it doubles as a simple smart speaker. Just ask it to play music, check the weather and even deactivate Wi-Fi on specific devices. The system is compatible with the previous generation of Google Wi-Fi systems as well.

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