Tom Brady should win the MVP award for his 2022 Super Bowl tweet – CNET

Tom Brady’s not playing in the Super Bowl this year. But the now-retired Tampa Bay and New England quarterback has been a part of the big game for decades, puffy coat, tequila-infused boat-party escapades and all. So no one should be surprised that he has the Super Bowl marked as an annual event on his smartphone calendar.

But when that reminder popped up this year, Brady wasn’t suiting up at Los Angeles’ SoFi Stadium. The Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals were playing instead. So Brady tweeted out the reminder with just one self-censored word, “Sh*t.”

Naturally, fans had something to say about Brady’s self-own.

“I mean… you can come back and win another if you want,” said one person.

The NFL agreed, tweeting at Brady, “There’s always next year…”

It doesn’t seem likely that Brady will ever play in another Super Bowl, but if anyone can do it, it’d be him. We sure Farewell, Tom Brady, and thanks for all the memes

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