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Is it time to switch out the iPad in your life? Has the old age or condition begun to affect performance and usability? It can be a struggle dealing with a slowing machine, and even more of a challenge to replace it on the cheap. The Apple Store rarely discounts their iPads, but worry not. There are other authorized Apple retailers out there that have a lot more price flexibility. Supply-chain shortages have meant fewer discounts offered on the iPad, despite plenty of deals on AirPods and MacBooks recently. But you can trust us to always find you the best sale if there’s one to be had.

Excluding the iPad Air, every other iPad product in the lineup received an update in 2021. The iPad Pro, which came out last spring, was the first non-Mac to be made with Apple’s patented M1 chip, but it wasn’t the last cutting-edge alteration made to the line. Next, Apple introduced the ninth-generation iPad and the sixth-gen iPad Mini last fall. The ninth-gen iPad boasts a 10.2-inch screen, the A13 Bionic chip, Apple’s True Tone display, an improved front-facing camera and an increase in internal storage. Meanwhile, the sixth-generation iPad Mini has an updated design with stylish rounded edges, but that’s not all. Along with the aesthetic shift, it also has an 8.3-inch display, the A15 Bionic chip, a USB-C charging port for a quick charge and a power button with Touch ID.

If you want the best deals currently available on iPads, check our list below.

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We update this list as new deals emerge and old ones expire, so be sure to check back for the best price.

iPad discounts, compared

Model List price Best price (current) Best price (all-time)
10.2-inch iPad, 9th gen (64GB) $329 $329 $299
8.3-inch iPad Mini, 6th gen (64GB) $499 $474 $459
10.9-inch iPad Air (64GB) $599 $539 $500
11-inch iPad Pro (128GB) $799 $799 $700
12.9-inch iPad Pro (128GB) $1,099 $999 $999

Note that “all-time” means the best price that we’ve seen at an Apple-authorized retailer in the product’s lifetime.

Scott Stein/CNET

The basic, 10.2-inch iPad didn’t receive a design overhaul like its Mini cousin, but it does serve up a faster processor, a better front-facing camera and an improved display compared to the previous, eighth-gen iPad. The biggest addition, however, is the storage, which was doubled to 64GB on the base model, and to 256GB on the step-up model. Other than that, the change you’ll most likely welcome in this age of FaceTime and Zoom calls is the front camera going from 1.2 to a wider-angle 12 megapixels. It’s also added Center Stage to keep your mug in the frame during video calls. Most major retailers have matched Apple’s price, and at the moment there are no deals available on the ninth-generation iPad.

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The iPad Mini received a complete overhaul. The new design has rounded edges, thin bezels and no home button. The power button on the side now has Touch ID, and the Lightning port has been replaced by a USB-C charging port. It runs on the new A15 Bionic chip (same as the iPhone 13) and serves up an improved and slightly larger 8.3-inch display and better cameras from the old, fifth-gen Mini. It is rarely discounted, and the best you’ll do right now is save $25 on the baseline model in starlight at Amazon.

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The best price you’ll see on Apple’s 10.9-inch iPad Air right now is at Walmart, where you can get the 64GB model for $539 — $60 less than you’d pay at Apple. Whether you view it as a fancier everyday iPad or a cheaper iPad Pro, the iPad Air is an excellent deal at its current discount. It happens to be Scott Stein’s favorite iPad.

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Scott Stein/CNET

Scott Stein/CNET

You can save $100 on the larger, 12.9-inch iPad Pro with the M1 chip at Amazon, which matches the biggest discount we’ve seen yet for it. And you can save $100 on higher-capacity models from Amazon.

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