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Tire shine is the final touch after washing all the dirt and grime off a car. For some car enthusiasts, dressing the rubber with high-gloss products for extreme tire shine after using a wheel cleaner is a crucial part of auto detailing. That’s right, after you use a wheel and tire cleaner and clean out those wheel wells, you should take things to the next level and go the extra mile by applying tire shine. The best tire shine, which is commonly available in spray or gel, gives your car’s tires a wet look with a final high-gloss pop that helps them stand out.

There’s a seemingly endless number of tire shine products in digital shops and on physical store shelves. But thanks to all the cars that come and go from the Roadshow garage, we know our way around tire gel or spray. We’ve chosen what we consider to be the six best tire shine products for making a tire surface look spotless and shiny. Whether you’re looking for a professional-detailer-like shine, something you can use quickly on the go, or a long-lasting tire shine product, these are our top choices for the best tire shine products for 2022. Hopefully this list will help you find the best tire shine product for your garage.

Chemical Guys

With so many tire shine products available, we’ve tried a lot. Seriously, a lot . Time and time again, Chemical Guys’ Vinyl, Plastic, Rubber Dressing (that’s VRP for short) comes out on top. VRP is a water based tire shine product that skips harsh chemicals like petroleum and silicone. This tire shine product’s formula also lasts quite a long time on a car tire. Go ahead, check how nice the tires look on Roadshow’s long-term 2020 Subaru Outback Onyx Edition XT. That’s VRP for you.

Best of all, this water based tire dressing doesn’t cost a boatload of money and a single bottle will last quite a while.


Meguiar’s makes many different tire shine products, but for those who need a budget pick that does the job, a can of Hot Shine Foam will do the trick.

This tire shine product is not water-based like our overall best shine product pick, meaning there are chemicals included, but that doesn’t make it a bad product. The tire foam is easy to apply well and the results are good, but try to keep it off the wheel since it’ll leave an oily residue behind.

It doesn’t stick around as long as we’d like it to, but if you need a quick shine for your tires, Hot Shine is far from being a cheap cop-out tire dressing.


Although our best overall tire shine pick also lasts a mighty long time, Meguiar’s Endurance Tire Gel rivals it. After you clean a tire properly and apply an even coat of the gel to the tires, Endurance, well, does what the name implies; it — and your shiny tire — endures.

It doesn’t work miracles, so don’t expect tires to remain slick-looking after a torrential downpour, but this tire shiner certainly lives up to its name.

Stoner Car Care

If you’re dead set on a tire shine spray, Stoner Car Care’s More Shine Tire Shine is a bit of a diamond in the rough. No, this tire shine product doesn’t have the snappiest name recognition, but in our experience, it works very well for a simple tire spray.

As a spray, it falls victim to the potential for overspraying, but then again, tire shine sprays are more about convenience than anything. So, yes, this tire dressing is mighty convenient, and it looks great and lasts a decent length of time at that.

Black Magic

Black Magic is a bit of a classic in the tire shine segment, and if you can skip the ease of use that comes with an aerosol spray, Black Magic Tire Wet gel does a wonderful job.

This product is mighty sticky, and we have experienced some slinging with it. However, if you let the product dry well, it’s hardly noticeable. Otherwise, a little goes a long way and your tires will look mighty slick.


Carfidant’s Ultimate Tire Shine Spray is really a jack-of-all-trades kind of product. Not only will this spray provide a deep and glossy shine, but if you apply less, it gives off a wonderful sheen that’s not as intense. So, you’ve got options.

Slinging isn’t much of a problem and like all spray bottle formulas, it’s easy to apply. Feel free to experiment to find your right level of gloss, but if it’s a glossy finish you desire, Ultimate Tire Shine Spray delivers.

Best tire shine spray and gel compared

Best tire shine Brand Name Price
Overall Chemical Guys VRP $9
For the money Meguiar’s Hot Shine Foam $7
Long-lasting Meguiar’s Endurance Gel $6
Spray Stoner Car Care More Shine Tire Shine $13
Gel Black Magic Tire Wet $8
High-gloss Carfidant Ultimate Tire Shine Spray $31

Keep these things in mind when looking for tire shine

  • Make sure the tires have been properly cleaned: Applying tire shine over old tire shine can produce a browning color on your tires.
  • Tire shine isn’t bad for your tires: You may hear tire shine isn’t good for your tires and it can cause dry rot or cracking. That’s not the case. Cases of dry rot and cracking are often more common for tires that have been sitting in the sun all day, every day.
  • Have a quality tire shine applicator on hand: This little tool will make life a lot easier if you choose a tire shine gel.
  • Higher-quality products typically last longer: While we try and cover everyone’s budget, the costlier products are worth the coin.
Meguiar's Endurance Tire Gel

Make sure you have a solid applicator pad for tire shine.


Shine on

As with any car cleaning product, results may vary. However, if you take the tips above into consideration, any tire shine will perform well. Again, higher-quality ingredients produce longer-lasting shines and a clean tire provides the right blank canvas. Always pay attention to cure times and other instructions the product recommends and you’ll have the final piece to a perfectly clean car.

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