Hit Your Fitness Goals for Less With $200 Off Echelon’s EX-3 Smart Connect Fitness Bike – CNET


We all want to be the best versions of ourselves, and part of that journey includes staying active. Echelon is here to help you on your wellness journey, all without having to leave the house. This stationary machine comes equipped with everything you need to get in a challenging workout from home. A quick-flip device holder rotates 180 degrees to hold any device you want to use to stream music, movies or audiobooks while you cycle. Or, better yet, use the Echelon Fit app (additional monthly fee required) to take advantage of daily live classes, more than 3,000 on-demand workouts and music playlists, or connect with world-class instructors. Ride towards your best health and save $200 doing it when you use the coupon code ECHELON at checkout, meaning you’ll spend just $599 on the EX-3 Smart Connect fitness bike on StackSocial now through Feb. 19.

Resistance is far from futile with this bike. With 32 resistance levels, you can increase difficulty without having to find hard terrain or get a different machine when you want to step up your routine’s intensity. Adjusting it is easy, too. It’s done in seconds with the turn of a knob. That’s not the only thing you can customize on this bike, though. The adjustable handlebars and vented, competition-style seat mean you can tailor this bike to be the perfect fit for you and get the most out of your work out, with the least amount of unnecessary stress on your body. And duel-sided SPD compatible pedals with clips and toe cages mean you can go from a light exercise routine to riding hard, all without threat of slipping and scraping your shin or calf. With so many adjustable tensions and access to so many routines through the app, whatever fitness regimen you want to rock, this bike is ready to roll with it.

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