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New features in Animal Crossing: New Horizons celebrate inclusivity and representation of the diabetes community.

Nintendo/Screenshot by Shelby Brown/CNET

Animal Crossings: New Horizons players can now explore a new island in the game. Omnipod Bay, a new island focused on diabetes representation and awareness, and new custom outfits were created by Insulet, maker of a tubeless insulin pump technology.

The new outfits let players wear an insulin pump or carry an accessory bag for their diabetes supplies. Omnipod Bay, named after a line of Insulet products, is a family-friendly, diabetes-themed island home to new adventures and booths promoting awareness for diabetes advocacy organizations.

“Our hope is that the Animal Crossing integration will help people with diabetes feel more included, connected, and seen in a fun and engaging way,” Lei Mercado, chief marketing officer of Insulet, said in a statement Thursday. “Representation of people with diabetes is important to us, so we looked for an opportunity to make diabetes part of everyday culture.”

“My brother and I both live with type 1 diabetes, and we grew up playing video games,” Aaron Kowalski, CEO of JDRF International, which funds diabetes research, said in a statement. “If we’d seen this type of diabetes representation in a game as kids, it would have meant so much.”

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Correction, Feb. 18: Nintendo was not involved in the production of Omnipod Bay and the new features.

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