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Spruce by Fledging lifestyle

Gallium Nitride (or GaN) chargers really have changed what’s possible when it comes to powering up our devices. The material reduces heat and allow manufacturers to make smaller high-power adapters. The 140-watt Fledging Spruce GaN charger is a great example that’s perfect for neat freaks and travelers alike. It has a single power cable and can charge five devices simultaneously via three USB-C ports, a USB-A port and a collapsible wireless Qi charging pad. 

The $125 (approx. £90, AU$175) charger was announced in January at CES 2022 and I’ve been testing one since then. It was indispensable on a recent vacation. My laptop uses a USB-C charger, so I could plug right in without needing to lug another power brick. But I also did not have to bring separate chargers for my other devices. The company will ship internationally, too.

The palm-size charger plugs in with a single 6-foot power cable, making life easy in areas with limited outlets. I could top off my phone’s battery, my laptop, tablet and Apple Watch with two ports to spare. The single cable is also ideal for travel abroad since you would only need one converter. Plus, it comes with a travel bag and 3-foot USB-C cable.

Joseph Kaminski

The Spruce has a nice hefty feel and weighs in at 16 ounce (455 grams). It is well constructed with a smooth matte finish and Qi charging pad can be used flat or upright in a 70-degree position. A small light on the front indicates the charger is powered. It’s also available in three colors: white, black and gray.

Through my extensive use, the charger never got too hot and it never failed to charge my devices. Although, the more high-power devices I had plugged in, the longer it took to charge them all. The three USB-C ports put out a total of 100 watts, while the USB-A puts out 30 watts max. The dual-coil Qi wireless charger puts out 10 watts. 

You can find the full specifications and power breakdown on the Fledging website. I’ve used it quite a bit and if the $125 price tag doesn’t intimidate you I would recommend it, especially for frequent travelers with a lot of devices. 

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