Revive Your Retro Consoles With 20% Off This Plug-In Graphics Enhancer – CNET


Whether you’re looking to get the most out of your new Switch, or just want an excuse to bust out that classic Xbox or PS3 that’s been collecting dust in your closet, we’ve got a deal on nifty piece of hardware you might want to see. The Marseille MClassic is a simple plug-and-play HDMI dongle that upgrades the graphics quality of games on the Switch as well as older “retro” consoles. It usually lists for $100, but right now you can pick it up for $20 off. This deal is a part of Best Buy’s Presidents Day sale, so we can expect it to be available through Monday, Feb. 21.

One of the main advantage gaming PCs have over consoles is that you can easily replace and upgrade their hardware, while consoles are pretty much locked in to their standard hardware. Since consoles aren’t really designed to be modified, this add-on processor essentially functions as a “new” graphics card for your console, without having to pry off the backplate and risking damage. All you have to do is plug it directly into your console’s HDMI port, or adapter, and instantly experience upgraded visuals and sharp lines with virtually no lag. It enhances legacy games with SD resolution to 1440p HD, and newer games that already feature HD resolution are upscaled to crisp 4K (on supporting TVs and monitors). 

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