Instagram Reels Expanding to Facebook Globally

Instagram Reels Expanding to Facebook Globally


Meta appears to be doubling down on its focus on short-form video content. Instagram chief Adam Mosseri took to Twitter to announce that Instagram’s Reels is now making its way to Facebook worldwide.

In a short video, Mosseri highlights that Reels have been an integral part of Instagram for a few years. Since the second half of last year, the short video format has been available to Facebook users in select markets such as India, Mexico, the US, and Canada. Now, Reels will become available to every Facebook user around the world. On Facebook, the Reels will be accessible in Stories, Watch, on top of the Feed, and even as suggestions in the Feed.

Mosseri says that this would be a massive step for Instagram creators. Although it would be optional, creators could significantly increase the number of people they can reach by sharing their Instagram Reels to Facebook. This change also brings all of Reels’ creative tools closer to creators who used Facebook as a primary tool. For instance, Facebook users can now Remix Reels and convert any story into a Reel. Mosseri adds that several other editing features will be added soon.

The Instagram chief also took the opportunity to reiterate that the image-sharing platform remains focused on monetization avenues for creators. He added that Instagram and Facebook users would start seeing advertisements in various forms on Reels to help creators make a living off their work. Creators in the US, Canada, and Mexico can monetize their publicly-shared Reels by enrolling in Facebook’s in-stream ads program. More details are available on the Meta for Creators blog. Facebook will also start testing Stars on Reels in the coming weeks. Viewers will be able to purchase Stars and send them to creators while watching reels to support them.

Mosseri says that both the Meta-owned platforms remain focused on short-form video content given the soaring popularity Facebook sees worldwide. He calls it just “one more step on a longer path.”

In related news, Instagram silently nixed the shorter daily time limit options for its app, bringing the lowest option to 30 minutes, up from the previous minimum of five minutes. That said, what are your thoughts on Reels making their way to Facebook globally? Are there any demerits to Meta’s move? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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