Apple Is Developing a Miniaturized Mac Pro with ‘Mac Studio’ Branding

Apple Is Developing a Miniaturized Mac Pro with ‘Mac Studio’ Branding

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Apple is currently in the middle of transitioning its Mac lineup to Apple silicon chips. Rumors suggest the company has a high-end Mac mini in the works to replace the existing Intel-powered model. A new report now suggests the company is also working on “Mac Studio” — a Mac mini more powerful than the aforementioned high-end version.

9to5Mac reports the Mac Studio is known internally as “J375.” Apple currently has two versions in development, with both of them featuring an M1 Max chip that’s also found inside the 2021 MacBook Pros. The other powerful Mac mini is said to be powered by an Apple silicon chip that’s even more powerful than the M1 Max.

Based on rumors earlier this week about an in-development “Apple Studio Display”, the report speculates that the Mac Studio could be a part of a new Studio-branded product range the Cupertino giant is developing. It speculates that Apple could advertise the Studio Display standalone monitor and the Mac Studio as the perfect duo for professionals and creators.

Some rumors suggest Apple is developing another Intel-powered Mac Pro. The report claims that the Mac Studio’s launch will buy the brand more time to develop the first Apple silicon-powered Mac Pro to complete the transition to proprietary processors. That said, it is possible the “Mac Studio” branding is changed before its grand reveal.

A previous Bloomberg report claimed that Apple is developing a Mac Pro powered by Apple silicon, comprising 40 CPU cores and a whopping 128 GPU cores. 9to5Mac has reason to believe the specifications correspond to the Mac Studio that would replace the high-end Intel Mac mini that’s still available for purchase. However, the report doesn’t mention a timeline for the availability of the Macs.

Do you think Apple’s Mac Studio and Studio Display will be the perfect duo for those seeking Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR-like performance at a relatively lower price point? Would you be interested in getting the Mac Studio? Please tell us what you think in the comments.

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