Does Fitbit have SOS or emergency features?

Does Fitbit have SOS or emergency features?

The Apple Watch is well known for its excellent array of SOS and emergency features, allowing users to contact loved ones or authorities in a pinch. But can Fitbit smartwatches and trackers do the same? Well, not entirely. We detail the SOS and emergency features found on Fitbit devices below.


Unlike the Apple Watch, no Fitbit smartwatch or fitness tracker includes SOS or emergency features.


Which Fitbits include SOS and emergency features?

Unfortunately, no Fitbit smartwatch or fitness tracker includes SOS or emergency features. This means the flagship Sense down to the Ace 3 for kids lack this critical feature. It’s arguably the most significant omission in the Fitbit ecosystem. There’s no official way to use your Fitbit to contact others in emergencies.

Realistically, if you absolutely have to have SOS and emergency features baked into your wearable, it’s best to give Fitbit’s products a miss. We recommend the following alternatives instead:

  • Apple Watch Series 7 (Amazon): The GPS model requires your iPhone, while the LTE model can be used to contact others through a cellular connection.
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 (Amazon): Samsung included an SOS feature that pings an emergency contact when the home key is pressed three times.
  • Garmin Venu 2 Plus (Amazon): Garmin’s flagship smartwatch includes a LiveTrack feature that allows trusted contacts to view your location while training in real-time. It’s great for trail runners and hikers.

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How to get help in an emergency with your Fitbit

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We recommend that users keep their phones with them when heading out. This isn’t easy to do when running, but it’ll allow you to contact loved ones or authorities.

Notably, a few apps are well worth installing on your Fitbit for emergencies.

  • MED ID: A free app that lets you carry medical information on your watch. Users can input key health information, from medical conditions to allergies and more. This allows emergency personnel quick access to this information. Grab MED ID 5.0 for the Versa 3 and Sense.
  • My 3 Words: An app that plugs into the what3words network to provide your current location in a pinch. It uses Wi-Fi or GPS. It’s excellent for helping emergency personnel pinpoint your position within three meters. It’s available on the Sense, all Versa models, and the Ionic.

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Q: Does Fitbit plans to bring SOS and emergency features to its devices?
A: There’s no official stance on this, but we can hope that future Fitbit devices will include emergency integration. Its purchase by Google also gives us hope that future devices could include smarter integration with Android.

Q: If I want a wearable with SOS and emergency features, which should I buy?
A: If you own an iPhone, you should purchase an Apple Watch. If you own an Android phone, consider getting a device from Samsung or Garmin’s stable.

Q: Are there any LTE-enabled Fitbit wearables available?
A: No. Currently, no Fitbit device features eSIM or LTE support baked in.

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