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The Earfun Air Pro 2 is a budget AirPods Pro alternative.

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Earfun keeps churning out true-wireless earbuds and one of its latest models, the Earfun Air Pro 2, are quite good. Not only do they feature solid active noise cancellation but the sound is also impressive for the modest price. The Earfun Air Pro 2 list for $80, but if you click the instant $20 off coupon on the Amazon product page and then apply the code EAP2ANC2 at checkout, you get an additional 15% off ($12), bringing the final price down to $48. That matches these buds’ lowest price to date. 

The earbuds have some extra features you don’t often find at this price, like an ear-detection sensor — your music pauses when you take the buds out of your ears — and a case that has USB-C and wireless charging. Equipped with Bluetooth 5.2, they’re splash-proof with an IPX5 rating and offer up to seven hours of battery life on a single charge at moderate volume levels, though you’ll probably get closer to six with noise canceling on.

There’s also a transparency mode that lets ambient sound in. It actually sounds pretty natural and is closer than I thought it would be to the AirPods Pro‘s excellent transparency mode.

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The earbuds come with six sets of silicone tips and I got a tight seal and comfortable fit with the largest ear tip. (A tight seal is crucial for optimal sound and noise cancellation.) The original Earfun Air Pro delivered good sound and these are a notch better, with overall well-balanced sound, decent clarity and solid bass performance. Some of Earfun’s buds have had a bit too much treble push — sometimes referred to as “presence boost” — but these mostly manage to avoid that. Alas, there’s no companion app that allows you to tweak the sound or upgrade the firmware.

Earfun talks up the Air Pro 2’s voice-calling capabilities, with three microphones in each earbud. I thought call performance was good, but these didn’t reduce background noise as much the new Soundpeats T3, which are also good for the money ($36 with coupon). However, while the Soundpeats T3 are better for calls, the Earfun Air Pro 2’s noise-canceling and transparency modes are superior, and the Soundpeats don’t have the ear-detection sensor.

The Earfun Air Pro 2 ‘buds also just sound better, with richer, more dynamic sound. At this discounted price of $48, the Earfuns are the better overall deal and very good budget AirPods Pro alternatives

The newer Earfun Air Pro SV sound a tad better than the Earfun Air Pro 2 but cost slightly more. It’ll be another couple of months before they arrive on Amazon, but Earfun is selling the Air Pro SV through its website and you can pick them up for $63 when you apply the 30% off discount code EARFUN30 at checkout.

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