This iPadOS 16 Concept Imagines Drastic Changes to Multitasking Experience on iPad

This iPadOS 16 Concept Imagines Drastic Changes to Multitasking Experience on iPad

iPadOS 16 Parker Ortolani Concept

Apple is on the road to unveiling the next iteration of iPadOS at the upcoming Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in June. Since iPadOS 15 was a relatively minor upgrade to its predecessor, iPadOS 16 could bring significant changes. Until the iPad maker officially announces them, Vox Media product manager Parker Ortolani shares his vision of what iPadOS 16 could become.

In a series of tweets, Ortolani explains that it is about time Apple took productivity on the iPad more seriously. He envisions a user interface where up to four apps can be used side-by-side, taking “multitasking to a whole new level.” The concept is represented using screenshots of what the iPadOS 16 webpages could look like.

First off, Ortolani envisions a version of Split view where you can use drag and drop apps from the Multitasking menu into four adjacent windows. He adds that users could also benefit from viewing apps in different layouts.

iPadOS 16 Parker Ortolani Concept 2

The next highlight in the iPadOS 16 concept is Mission Control. The feature allows users to “open app windows like piles of cards.” Additionally, this tool could give iPad users the power to open app windows with just a single tap. To enhance multitasking capabilities, the concept highlights that users will be able to access Spotlight search right from the Mission Control screen.

Another feature with similar intent has been dubbed Popover Apps. It allows any app optimized for iPadOS 16 to be opened as a floating window. It can be equated to YouTube’s picture-in-picture feature, but for every app on iPadOS 16.

iPadOS 16 Parker Ortolani Concept 3

Since the iPad and MacBook lineups now share CPUs, it is only natural to imagine some of the notebook’s capabilities could trickle down to the iPad. So, the concept borrows features from macOS, such as the ability to access your favorite music podcasts, shows, and files from the dock or home screen. The last feature highlighted in the iPadOS concept is a new Studio Mode, so users can finally enjoy a better desktop-like experience when they hook an iPad up to an external display. The experience advertised reminds us of Samsung’s attempt with DeX.

Ended up making a full beautiful faux webpage for my iPadOS 16 concepts last night. File is too big to post alone so I had to cut it up… check out my ideas for multitasking, the Home Screen, dock, and more…

If you’re curious about what to expect from the equivalent OS for iPhone, check out our iOS 16 features wishlist. Rumor has it that Focus modes could be further enhanced in the upcoming update. Also, don’t forget to tell us what you wish for the most with iPadOS 16.


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