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What is the best internet provider in Nebraska?

Great Plains Communications is the best internet service provider for many Nebraska homes due to the fast speeds and simple pricing it offers throughout much of the state over a 100% fiber-optic network. Not everyone in Nebraska will be serviceable for GPC, however. Other ISPs such as Spectrum, CenturyLink and Kinetic, along with rural connections like fixed wireless and satellite internet, contribute to the state’s 100% broadband availability.

Along with availability, cost and speed are two of the most important considerations when comparing home internet providers. Look to Quantum Fiber for the cheapest internet plan in Nebraska starting at $30 a month for speeds up to 200Mbps. Allo Fiber has the fastest internet plan in Nebraska with speeds up to 2.3Gbps starting at $175, though availability is limited to select areas.

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Price range $30- $70 per month Speed range 100 – 1,000Mbps Connection Cable Key Info Unlimited data, simple pricing, no contracts, modem included, free access to nationwide Wi-Fi hotspots

Spectrum doesn’t offer cable internet service to the most Nebraska households — that’d be Cox, which has a large presence in the Omaha area — but it does have the best cable internet coverage in Nebraska. On top of that, Spectrum is one of CNET’s top choices for cable internet thanks to its plan selection and low fees. 

Availability: Spectrum is primarily available in Lincoln and other towns along Interstate 80 including Kearney, Lexington, North Platte and Ogallala. Scottsbluff and Alliance to the west are also highly serviceable for Spectrum, as are Auburn, Beatrice and Falls City to the southeast. 

Plans and pricing: Spectrum offers 100Mbps, 500Mbps and 1Gbps speed tiers starting at $30, $40 and $60 a month, respectively. Pricing is good for 12 to 24 months, after which your rate can increase by as much as $65.

Fees and service details: Your modem is included at no extra charge, but renting a router for Wi-Fi service will add $5 to your monthly bill. There are no data caps or contracts with Spectrum internet.

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T-Mobile Home Internet

Best rural internet in Nebraska

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Best satellite internet in Nebraska

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Provider Connection type Monthly price range Download speed range (Mbps) Equipment rental fee Contract CNET review score Allo Fiber $66-$175 500-2,300 None None N/A CenturyLink DSL $50 20-100 $15 None 6.7 Cox Cable $50-$90 100-1,000 $13 None 6.2 Great Plains Communications Fiber $68-$160 200-2,000 None None N/A HughesNet Satellite $50-$150 15-50 $15 2 years 5.7 Kinetic DSL/fiber $40-$70 100-1,000 $10 None 6.7 Nextlink Wireless $50-$140 25-500 $9 1-2 years N/A Quantum Fiber Fiber $30-$70 200-1,000 $15 None 6.7 Rise Broadband Wireless $45-$55 25-50 $10 None 6.2 Spectrum Cable $30-$60 100-1,000 $5 None 7.2 Starlink Low orbit satellite $90 25-220 $599 purchase fee None N/A T-Mobile Home Internet Wireless $50 72-245 None None 7.4 Viasat Satellite $70-$300 12-100 $15 2 years 6.1

The north face of Scotts Bluff National Monument as seen from the North Platte River in Nebraska. The north face of Scotts Bluff National Monument as seen from the North Platte River in Nebraska.

Plan Starting monthly price Max download speeds (Mbps) Max upload speeds (Mbps) Connection type Allo 2.3Gbps $175 2,300 2,300 Fiber GPC 2 Gig $160 2,000 2,000 Fiber Kinetic 1 Gig $70 1,000 1,000 Fiber Quantum Fiber Gigabit $70 1,000 1,000 Fiber Spectrum Gig $60 1,000 35 Cable Cox Gigablast $105 1,000 35 Cable Nextlink Next500 $140 500 Varies Wireless T-Mobile Home Internet $50 72-245 15-31 Wireless

What’s the fastest internet provider in Nebraska?

What internet provider has the best coverage in Nebraska?

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