LG Gram Fold Is a Foldable Touchscreen Laptop for $3,690 – CNET

LG is breathing new life into the foldable PC segment. The South Korean electronics company announced the LG Gram Fold, which is actually a touchscreen device you can use as a tablet or a laptop. After promotional pricing, the Gram Fold will start at 4.99 million won, which converts to approximately $3,690 (£3,030, AU$5,060). It’ll only receive a release for now in LG’s native South Korea. 

LG says the laptop, which features an OLED screen with 2,560×1,920 resolution, can be used in various ways. When folded in half, the top half becomes a laptop screen that measures around 12 inches, while the bottom half can have a virtual keyboard or you can snap on the keyboard it comes inside the box to mimic the experience of a regular laptop.

LG Gram Fold on bike LG Gram Fold on bike

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