Tubi’s New AI Tool Wants to Take You Down the Rabbit Hole – CNET

Tubi unveiled a new AI-powered search tool, Rabbit AI, for its iOS mobile app on Tuesday. A fitting nod to the streaming service’s Super Bowl ad that saw giant bunnies dragging people into its content wonderland, the feature utilizes Open AI’s Chat GPT-4 and aims to make it easier to find something to watch. Rabbit AI’s beta is rolling out in the US on Tuesday with other versions to follow in the coming weeks. 

The free streaming platform is giving audiences another choice when it comes to searching its vast pool of TV shows and movies, whether it’s a quirky genre or something even more specific. Tubi says the tool “allows viewers to go beyond simple keyword searches and ask questions the same way you’d ask a friend.” For example, if you ask for “horror movies with food,” expect to see results like Slaw or Pastacolypse. The app will automatically save your search history, but you can opt to save results to your personal watchlist and it will show up across multiple devices. 

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