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There hasn’t been a new iPad since late 2022, but new models could be right around the corner. The iPad Pro line is expected to have new OLED displays, while iPad Air models with larger screens could arrive right alongside. 

Does this mean your dream iPad is almost here? Well, maybe, maybe not. Apple’s next wave of iPads, according to some of the latest reports, is likely refreshes of the priciest models; the entry-level iPad and iPad Mini could be coming later on.

Two Samsung tablets, one in front of the other, on a shelf Two Samsung tablets, one in front of the other, on a shelf

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S9 already has OLED displays across the board.

Scott Stein/CNET

iPad Pro: OLED, new cameras, new Pencil…higher price?

Apple’s never had OLED displays on its iPads, and all reports indicate the next iPad Pro models will get them. Will this upgrade be only on the larger-screen model, however? Hard to tell. The previous M2 iPad Pros only had improved mini-LED displays, which offered better black levels and contrast, on the 12.9-inch models. Adding OLED displays to both the 11- and 12.9-inch versions would mean even better color and dynamic range regardless of size. 

Apple’s late to OLED on tablets: Samsung’s Galaxy tablet lineup has had OLED displays for years. While iPad displays are already pretty great in general, OLED is a logical upgrade for a premium tablet focused on delivering the best display. Apple’s iPhone models switched to OLED screens, starting with the iPhone X back in 2017.

The new iPad Pros could also get bumped to the M3 chip instead of M2, much like recent Macs. M3 performance may not be a massive jump compared to M2, but it should improve graphics and on-device AI performance.

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The 10th-gen iPad added a newly oriented front camera. The iPad Pro is overdue.

” image-credit=”Scott Stein/CNET” image-alt-text=”Apple’s new iPad 10th generation” image-filename=”ipad-10th-gen-review-7982.jpg” image-date-created=”2022/10/21″ image-width=”3000″ image-height=”2250″ image-do-not-crop=”false” image-do-not-resize=”false” image-watermark=”false” lightbox=”false” edition=”us” class=”c-shortcodeImage u-clearfix c-shortcodeImage-large c-shortcodeImage-hasCaption”>

ipad-pro-m1-2021-cnet-2021-029 ipad-pro-m1-2021-cnet-2021-029

The iPad Pro comes in two sizes. The iPad Air should follow suit.

Scott Stein/CNET

iPad Air: Bigger at last

The iPad Air line is where Apple puts last-gen iPad Pros — with slight redesigns — at a discount. Expect the newer Airs to be the same, maybe with M2 chips and re-oriented front cameras. The biggest expected change is a 12.9-inch model similar to the 2022 iPad Pro, offering a larger, more affordable option than the likely super-expensive OLED iPad Pro. Maybe it’ll have the mini-LED display that the larger Pros had too.

Apple is expected to announce the new iPad Pros and Airs at the same time this spring, likely sometime in March. If you’ve been looking to get a higher-end iPad, hang tight.

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The iPad Mini should have a smaller Pencil.

” image-credit=”Scott Stein/CNET” image-alt-text=”The new iPad Mini sits between a Rubik’s cube and a mug for size comparison.” image-filename=”ipad-2021-and-ipad-mini-cnet-2021-review-10-herojpg.jpg” image-date-created=”2021-09-21 19:53:48.000000″ image-width=”2000″ image-height=”1333″ image-do-not-crop=”false” image-do-not-resize=”false” image-watermark=”false” edition=”us” class=”c-shortcodeImage u-clearfix c-shortcodeImage-large c-shortcodeImage-hasCaption”>

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