Instagram Is Limiting the Political Content You See. Here’s How to Stop It – CNET

If you’ve noticed less political content on Instagram, it’s not just you. 

Back in February, Meta announced that it would no longer proactively recommend political content from accounts you don’t follow. That means you should still see political content from anyone you follow. And you’ll be limited in what political content you see from other accounts, whether that’s on the explore page, in your feed recommendations or on reels.

Seeing less political content from people you don’t follow isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It could even be a good thing, if you tend to see a good amount of content that goes against your political leanings. However, you probably don’t follow every single account that posts political content that you like.

And because of this, you may see less political content that you agree with, simply because you don’t follow all these accounts.

These political content limitations are on by default, but luckily there’s an easy way to remove them. You just have to know where to find the setting.

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What exactly is ‘political content’ on Instagram?

Before we get into how to disable these limitations, it’s good to go into what Instagram considers as political content. Very simply put, political content on Instagram are any posts that mention:

  • Governments.
  • Elections.
  • Social topics.

These are very broad terms, especially the last one, and Instagram doesn’t go into detailed explanation on what each term entails. As a result, even posts that aren’t “political” could be brushed under the rug and not shown to you on Instagram. That’s another reason to remove these limits.

Where is the political content limited on Instagram?

As mentioned above, political content from people or organizations you follow is not limited at all. You should still be able to see all their posts in your feed. These limitations are only on accounts that you don’t follow, and that political content will not be recommended to you by Instagram in your reels, explore page, in-feed recommendations or suggested accounts.

If you have a Threads account that’s connected to your Instagram, this setting will also affect you there, so you won’t see political content in your in-feed recommendations, suggested account or notifications.

How to stop limits on political content on Instagram

To remove political content limits on Instagram (and Threads), launch the Instagram app on your Android or iPhone and go to your profile page. Next, tap the three-dash menu in the top right and go into Content preferences > Political content and select Don’t limit.

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