Will Your Tax Refund Get Delayed if the Government Shuts Down Tonight? – CNET

Three weeks ago, Congress voted to give itself more time to approve a $1.2 trillion federal spending bill. The new deadline is today, and Congress now has until midnight tonight to pass a deal to avoid a government shutdown.

Congress has already passed four short-term funding agreements for fiscal year 2024, and if the two chambers still can’t come to a long-term spending agreement, many government agencies — including the IRS — could close down until Congress can pass a bill.

What happens to your tax refund if you file your taxes during that time? We can’t look back on what happened during a preceding government shutdown, since there’s never been a lapse in funding during tax season, but we’ll help explain what it could mean for you.

Here’s what we know about what could happen to the IRS in the event of a government shutdown in March. For more, here’s what happens to Social Security checks and other government benefits during shutdowns.

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