iOS 17: Your iPhone’s Photos App Recognizes Your Pets Now – CNET

Apple released iOS 17.4 on March 5 and the update included new features like Podcast transcripts and Apple Cash virtual card numbers. When Apple released iOS 17 in September, the company added a new feature to your iPhone’s Photos app that lets you tag and add your pets to your “People & Pets” album; previously called the “People” album. 

According to a survey from the Pew Research Center, 97% of pet owners consider their pets part of the family, and Apple agrees. The company wrote online that “cats and dogs … are part of your family too.” (As a lifelong dog owner, I couldn’t agree more.) 

Here’s how to tag your pets in the new People & Pets album.

Tagging your pets in the People & Pets album

1. Open your Photos app.
2. Tap Albums.
3. Tap the People & Pets album.
4. Tap a picture of your pet.
5. Tap Add name to enter your pet’s name.
6. Tap Next.

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