Make This $9 Surge Protector Your Amazon Big Spring Sale Treat Before It’s Gone – CNET

Having a good surge protector when your home electricity goes on the fritz can mean the difference between having to replace all of your devices and appliances or just carrying on with your day. But who wants to deal with an ugly power strip and all those cables? Thanks to the Amazon Big Spring Sale, you can forget all that and pick up a five-outlet surge protector for just $9, which is a massive 55% off the original $20 price. It’s a deal that doesn’t require you to enter any codes or clip any of those irritating coupons, but it’s only going to last for a limited amount of time. When it’s gone, it’s gone.

This surge protector can be built into the wall and offers no fewer than five AC outlets for connecting all of your favorite devices. You’ll also benefit from three USB-A ports and a USB-C port for charging phones, tablets and more, while an indicator will show that the surge protector is functional.

The surge protector uses three complementary circuits to ensure that your devices are safe and sound, and the USB outlets will also detect when your device is charged and adjust the power accordingly. The whole system avoids taking up space on the floor or your desk, and it’s about as clean a solution as you’re ever likely to find. This model is white to match most homes, although the black one can be had if you’re willing to forgo the discount. Need to power everything even when the electricity is out? Our collection of the best generator deals has your back.

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