Final Day of Amazon’s Big Spring Sale Cuts Beams Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Pricing – CNET

Adding a new light fixture in a home can be difficult, especially if you need to drill through walls to get cabling and electrical boxes installed. Luckily, Amazon’s Big Spring Sale has discounted a lot of great indoor and outdoor lighting from Beams, and it allows you to add a light without all the hassle. Even better, many of these lights are motion-activated and use LEDs, so they’ll last a lot longer on a charge.

If you’re thinking of grabbing a couple, you can get a Beams light for as low as $7. There are lots of options, from basic internal lights to high-end floodlights, and even some wired options if you want to go that route.

These sleep-friendly nightlights are motion-activated and provide 20 lumens of soft amber lighting so you don’t stub your toes on the way to the bathroom at night. You can snag a three-pack on sale for $25, saving you $5 compared to the usual price, or grab one for $10. Or you can brighten up your front porch with one of these 300-lumen indoor and outdoor ceiling lights, which you can pick up for just $22 each, saving you $8. For serious security, add motion-sensing 500-lumen dual-LED spotlights to your driveway for $28, a 30% discount, or go for one of the few wired-in floodlight options in the sale for even brighter lighting and continuous power.

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