SSDI Payment for March 2024: You Might Get a Check This Week – CNET

Whether you’re new to receiving Social Security Disability Insurance benefits or you usually don’t keep track of when your money arrives, having an idea of when to expect your check can help you budget accordingly. We’ll help you figure out when to expect your March SSDI payment. Note that there’s only one payment date left this month.

The day your payment comes depends on when you started receiving SSDI, as well as your birth date. If you don’t get a payment by the end of the month, you may need to contact the Social Security Administration.

Below, we’ve listed the dates for when your SSDI money could arrive. Note that SSDI is paid on the same day as Social Security payments.

Payment schedule if you’ve received SSDI since 1997 or earlier

If you’ve been an SSDI recipient since May 1997 or before, your payment should arrive on the third day of every month.

There are exceptions. If the third day of the month falls on a weekend or holiday, you’ll get your payment on the nearest business day. For example, March 3 fell on a weekend, so some SSDI recipients received their payments two days early, on March 1.

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