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Tax season may be over, but on April 15, the IRS projected roughly 19 million people will file a tax extension. If that’s you and you’re having issues getting your tax return filed, you may be thinking about turning to the IRS for help. However, the IRS recommends trying to find your answers online before calling, as you could experience long wait times.

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The IRS has roughly 600 local offices around the country as well as staffing a toll-free hotline. You may be able to answer some of your tax questions with online resources, too: The IRS has a tool called the Interactive Tax Assistant that walks you through various inquiries to help you determine whether your income is taxable, whom you can claim as a dependent and what your filing status is. 

If you want to track the status of your tax refund, you can do so by visiting the IRS’s Get Refund Status tool. Lastly, be sure to create your own online IRS account — you can also use that account to get info about your prior year’s tax return.

If you’ve exhausted all the online options and still haven’t solved your problem, we’ll tell you how to contact the IRS by phone or make an appointment in person at a local office. For more tax info, here are all the tax credits and deductions you can get for your home in 2024

Call this IRS phone number to ask about tax refunds and more

Before you make a call to the IRS, note that the call volumes are high and you may have to wait a long time to speak with a representative. 

To get started, call 800-829-1040 to reach the tax agency about an issue you’re having with your taxes. Make sure you have the following information on hand to verify your identification.

  • Your Social Security number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number
  • Your birthdate
  • Filing status: single, head of household, married filing joint or married filing separate

Got a specific tax question? There’s a hotline for that 

Streamline your call to the IRS by calling one of the many IRS phone numbers that address a specific question or topic. 

IRS numbers to call

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