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Amazon will hold its fall Alexa hardware event next week

9 hours ago Amazon is holding an Alexa hardware device event on September 24th at 1PM Eastern. It’s only saying that there will be “some news.” The event is invitation-only, so it might not be streamed to the public. Device announcements might be very different during the 2020 pandemic, but that isn’t stopping Amazon from […]

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An Alexa flaw might have exposed your voice history to hackers (Updated)

8 hours ago Hackers might have had access to your Alexa voice history. Your home address and banking details could have been exposed as well. Amazon has fixed the problem but it’s unclear how many users were affected. Update: August 13, 2020 (01:58PM ET): Amazon reached out to Android Authority regarding the Alexa vulnerabilities mentioned […]

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Apple, Amazon, Google team up to make smart homes suck less

There’s a staggering number of smart home gadgets on the market right now, but compatibility with your desired ecosystem is far from a given. The variety of smart home standards means that you very well could buy a smart thermostat or smart kettle that doesn’t work with your favorite platform. Now, Google has announced that […]

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