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Artist Imagines Exotic Hypercars Left To Rot In An EV Future

There is something intriguing about discovering precious objects that were abandoned for decades. This is the feeling that Italian 3D artist Dizzy Viper evokes with a new series of renderings depicting all sorts of modern-era hypercars left to rot, presumably in a post-apocalyptic EV-occupied future. Seeing a Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport with a broken front […]

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Would You Pay Six Figures For A Brand New EK4 1996 Honda Civic SiR With 16 Delivery Miles?

Low-mileage cars don’t come much lower-mileage than this. This 1996 Honda Civic SiR hatchback has just 16 miles (26 km) on the odometer, was recently bought in Japan by Vistec Imports, and is now coming stateside. The importer recently posted photos of the car on Instagram and shared more details and images of the Civic […]

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