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Wild Batmobile Replica Is Actually A Cadillac Eldorado And It Could Be Yours

Yes, you read that title correctly: this is not a Batmobile that starred in a Hollywood blockbuster and is instead a replica based on a 1976 Cadillac Eldorado. One of the stars of Mecum’s forthcoming Indy sales event running from May 13-21, the owner of this Eldorado has crafted a Batmobile replica that looks like […]

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The Dark Knight Goes Green With This Electric Batmobile Tumbler Replica

The Tumbler from Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy is arguably the craziest-looking Batmobile ever made, inspiring many people to build different kinds of replicas. The latest example is the first fully electric Tumbler in the world, and it’s for sale. The man behind the project is artist Nguyen Dan Chung, owner of the Macro Studios […]

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