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10 Car Features That Came Back From The Dead

Today’s most advanced cars offer the kind of luxury and safety equipment our ancestors couldn’t even have dreamed about. Or do they? While it’s true that car drivers of even 30 years ago couldn’t imagine being able to actually buy a car they could summon from their garage with a pocket computer, drive for hours […]

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50 Years Ago The NHTSA Tried To Make America’s Cars Ugly, But Cars Fought Back

Governments and their agencies love making life hard for automakers in the name of supposedly making life better for the rest of us. There are rules about sound and exhaust emissions, and, of course, laws about safety. And to keep engineers on their toes, those regulations are constantly changing. From this year any new car […]

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Does Electromodding A 1975 BMW 1602 Make More Sense Than Converting A 2002?

I’ve often wondered why Hollywood keeps trying to remake good movies. It was already good. Wouldn’t it make more sense to try and improve a movie that had some good ideas, but was ultimately flawed? The same could be asked about classic cars being modified with electric propulsion. Sure, the Ford GT40, the Mercedes SL […]

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