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1988 Restomod Land Rover Defender 130 Pickup Will Cost You $190K

Fully restored Land Rover Defenders are very pricey indeed, yet this custom project makes the new one seem like a bargain. Brought back to its former glory and extensively modified by Osprey, it is for sale on their official website for an eye-watering $189,950. By comparison, one could get two base 911 Carreras, or the […]

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The Sexy 2002 Speedbird That Launched Chip Foose’s TV Career Can Be Yours For 50 Grand

Named SEMA’s 2003 Best of Show, the Ford Foose Speedbird has some provenance. And now it’s being offered for sale on eBay. One of three Thunderbirds given to hot rodders in 2002, the Ford customizing program was meant to get people excited for the new 11th generation Thunderbird. This one was designed by Chip Foose […]

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Take A Look Back At Automotive Enthusiam With The Petersen’s Archive

The history of automotive enthusiasm stretches back a surprisingly long way. Your parents weren’t the first ones reading magazines and dreaming about cars. That’s a point proven by the Petersen Automotive Museum‘s latest YouTube series. The unboxing videos take a look back through the history of automotive publishing, taking some of the world’s oldest car […]

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