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Yikes! Watch This Honda Get PIT Maneuvered By Jeep Renegade

Driving while tired is extremely dangerous and in this video, we get to see what can happen. This footage shared on YouTube was captured from the front-facing dashcam of a 2017 Honda Accord and shows what very well could have very easily turned into a deadly crash. At the 1:17 mark in the video below, […]

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Honda Accord Driver Thinks His Car Has A Turning Radius Of A Semi Truck

The Honda Accord is a nice car loaded with safety features but not even it could prevent this terrible driver from getting into an easily-avoidable accident. This dashcam footage shows a black Honda Accord pulling out in front of the cammer outside of a local car wash. The driver of the Accord initially turns into […]

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BMW M6 Driver Hits Motorcyclist Head-On While Taking Wide Turn On Californian Canyon Road

Warning: Some viewers may find the following videos upsetting Multiple videos of a brutal crash involving a number of vehicles and a motorcycle have emerged on social media forums. The incident allegedly took place this past weekend on San Gabriel Canyon Road in Azusa, CA, resulting in one man being hospitalized with a broken wrist […]

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