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Ford Expedition And Lincoln Navigator Owners Being Asked To Park Outside Over Fire Risk, 16 Incidents Already Reported

2021 Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator owners are being asked to park their vehicles outside and away from buildings after a series of fires. 16 incidents have already been reported and 12 of them have reportedly occurred while the vehicle was parked with the ignition turned off. This is alarming as these are the same […]

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Wipers May Break And Fly Off In Over 650,000 Ford F Series, Expedition And Lincoln Navigators

It’s springtime here in the United States and that means rain showers and thunderstorms across the nation. If you’re driving a large Ford truck or SUV though you might want to double-check your windshield wipers because a new recall says that they might break off. More than 600,000 vehicles are affected. Ford says that the […]

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