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GitHub Restores Chimera13 Repository Following DMCA Takedown After Unc0ver’s Complaint

Last month, the Unc0ver team had filed a DMCA notice to takedown the GitHub repository of Chimera13 jailbreak which blamed developer CoolStar for stealing code. The latter was quick to file a counter DMCA notice as well. Now, after both sides submitted all their claims, GitHub seems to have reached a decision and restored the […]

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Apple’s New Password Resources Manager to Help Apps Create Strong Passwords for Popular Websites

Apple has announced open-source Password Manager Resources for developers. This is aimed at helping developers of password manager apps to create stronger password for popular websites. The Password Manager Resources is open source and is already on GitHub. Thanks to the Password Manager Resources developers will be able to create passwords that match with the […]

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Start sharing your code: Everything you need to know about Git and GitHub

If you’ve ever explored the world of software development, then chances are you’ve heard of GitHub. This code hosting platform is one of the most popular ways for developers to host their projects and share them with others. Today, some of the best-known open source projects use GitHub, including Firebase, React Native, and TensorFlow. Google […]

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