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McLaren’s High-Performance Hybrid Hits The Patent Office As It Gets Caught By Spy Photographers

McLaren teased their upcoming hybrid sports car earlier this month and now the model has been revealed thanks to these patent photos. Noticed by Automobile, the images were released by Chinese authorities and reveal the “high-performance hybrid” will look like a redesigned 570S. As you can see, the model has an evolutionary front fascia with […]

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McLarens Senna Surely Outguns 720S In Drag Race, Right?

<!––> <!––> The Senna is McLaren’s most track-focused street-legal supercar, and while its crazy aerodynamics help with downforce, its wings and spitters do add drag as well. With that in mind, is it possible that a stock 720S can run down the quarter-mile quicker than a Senna? Let’s find out. Eager to see how the […]

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Ferrari’s F8 Tributo Is No Match For The McLaren 720S In A Straight Line

The McLaren 720S and Ferrari F8 Tributo are both extremely impressive and promise very similar levels of performance. However, which is the quickest? Let’s find out. Both the McLaren and the Ferrari feature twin-turbocharged V8s, but whereas the engine of the British supercar displaces 4.0 liters, the Ferrari’s is slightly smaller at 3.9 liters. Despite […]

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