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Hot-Headed Norwegian Flips G-Wagen Onto Roof In Scandi Road-Rage Attack

The original tough-as-nails Mercedes G-Wagen is the kind of SUV that would make you feel pretty invincible. But this road-rage video from Scandinavia proves it’s no match for a little Mercedes B-Class when the driver has a big temper. The YouTube video was shot in Norway and shows a mid-2000s B-Class repeatedly steering into the side […]

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Mercedes-Benz A-Class And B-Class To Be Axed In 2025, Report Claims

A new report from the German newspaper Handelsblatt suggests that Mercedes will discontinue the A-Class and the B-Class from its lineup after production of the current generation ends in 2025. The news comes weeks after Mercedes announced it will reduce its entry-level range from seven bodystyles to four, in a quest to move upmarket. According […]

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Rowing Your Own No More: Mercedes To Kill Manuals In Europe From 2023

If you live in Europe and want to buy a Mercedes-Benz with a manual transmission you should better hurry up as the carmaker will phase it out from its entire range as early as 2023, as confirmed by a Mercedes spokesperson. As reported by German publication Automobilwoche, the company’s spokesperson said: “With increasing electrification, we […]

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