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Deceptive Browser Extensions Found Usurping Browsing History and Private Data

Popular browser extensions have found to be usurping your data. A Washington Post Investigation has unearthed several extensions that are collecting and selling your data. The data includes pages you visit and the photos you have seen. The list of extensions includes HoverXoom, SpeakIt!, SuperZoom, SaveFrom.et Helper, FairShare Unlock and PanelMeasurement. All the extensions are […]

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New Android Firefox browser might make a good Chrome alternative… eventually

Opinion post by Scott Adam Gordon Mozilla introduced an experimental new Android browser last week called Firefox Preview. This in-development browser is the foundation on which the mainline Firefox for Android browser will be reinvented. Mozilla plans to relaunch the Android Firefox browser later in 2019. Firefox Preview, as the name suggests, is a work-in-progress, […]

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