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How to get Android Q beta 3 on compatible non-Pixel phones

It’s great to see Android Q beta 3 with so many new features, but it’s also great to see the beta open up to non-Pixel phones. Here’s how to get Android Q beta 3 for compatible non-Pixel phones. Asus Zenfone 5Z According to Asus, known issues include SD cards with exFAT format not being supported […]

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We asked, you told us: Oppo Reno’s shark fin selfie camera is neat, but is a no-go

Urged on by customers, smartphone companies have done their best to eliminate screen bezel. While this has resulted in some introducing features such as notches, others such as Oppo, Samsung, and Vivo have introduced motorized pop-up cameras. Each company has taken on the pop-up mechanism in its own but relatively similar fashion. Oppo Reno’s camera […]

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